Beware of Protein Shakes for Fat Loss |

Neck protein shakes throughout the day, to try and up your protein or help with fat loss? Think again ……. A protein shake can raise Insulin levels more than WHITE BREAD – not what you want, when controlling insulin is the key to fat loss. Go real foods, go protein and higher fat, low carb!

April, 2012 |

April 18, 2012 ShareEveryone falls at some point. Physically, mentally – it will always happen. If you don’t it means your not trying or actually doing anything worthwhile!   Some have missed some workouts.   Some are having family/social problems.   Some lack motivation   Some feel like the world is against them   But …

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December, 2010 |

December 31, 2010 How to set a real goal and achieve it! December 30, 2010 Setting you goal target December 29, 2010 free online nutrition training December 23, 2010 The Facts on everything health, fitness and fat related!! December 22, 2010 Setting goals for 2011 and how to really achieve them!

January, 2017 |

January 31, 2017 Share“Step out of your comfort zone”! It’s the phrase we’re always told. – ‘You’ll never progress if you don’t step out!” – ‘You’ll only get the same if you do the same!” – ‘If you want to improve, you need to get out the zone!” Phrases we all hear, but does it …

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