Why you MUST slow down |



General agreement is that how we feel, will generally dictate how we eat, whether we have something ‘healthy’ planned or not. Relaxed and calm = Goes to Plan

Stressed and Overrun = whatever and possibly evening alcohol?!


Equally how we FEEL hugely dictates our emotions, and stress levels. High stress levels (Cortisol) put us into “Fight or Flight” mode, within seconds (any longer and it would be useless!!)


Think of being scared  (in person or a film etc), and how quickly your heart rate increases along with adrenaline levels.


Exactly the same response happens, whether it’s a work email/talk, running late, caught in traffic, argument, or generally feeling overwhelmed – it pushes us physiologically into our Sympathetic Nervous system (Fight or Flight),

resulting in elevated hormones we don’t necessarily want.

(They also affect our digestion of food, and therefore any weight gain/loss plans we might have.)

So …….. on a rough guesstimate, how many times do your stress levels elevate in a single day?! …………. Aye, probably don’t want to think about it too much.


However, this shows further factors and ‘brakes’

it can have on your health, weightloss, state of mind, emotions and choices.

STRESS = Adrenaline + Cortisol + Insulin = Raised Blood Sugar Levels ===== Fat Burning Switched OFF

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