How to burn fat first thing in the morning |


 Tip – Improve mental focus and burn fat without working out

 How – Skip ‘breakfast’ occasionally, and eat late morning or midday, OR have a protein/fat based breakfast.

 As Long As – You haven’t been necking carbs/alcohol the night before, otherwise your blood sugar levels will be too low in the morning, and you’ll feel crap

Why – Ever considered the word ‘breakfast’? “Breaking the fast” ? Over night you’re naturally fasting …. going your longest without food. This lets the digestive system rest, including the liver to detox, and your body will switch to burning fat for energy (not much overnight, but still using it).

Then you wake annnnnnndddd… have breakfast,

often containing carbs, which releases a ‘storage’ hormone called Insulin which ………. turns off fat burning – back to carbohydrate burning.

Won’t I be Hungry? – Mentally you might, physically you’ve got TONS of fat (ok, I’m not picking on you!) to burn as energy, it’s just that;

a) You’re used to mentally eating often

b) Your body is used consuming food often

c) Drink water, stay busy, you’ll be fine!

d) Protein and fat don’t release as much insulin, in fact they release the opposite hormone, Glucagon, a fat burning hormone! – Bonus