Too much or Not Enough of something? |


Weight Gain or Loss, is ALWAYS around what we do the majority of the time.

There is NO need to remove certain foods or drinks from our diet

…… this just makes us want them MORE,

and often makes us unhappy……. ,

but there MIGHT be the need to reduce them.

A little bit of homework, if you want or need to of course 🙂

Grab a piece of paper and make a note of;

1) The things around Food and Drink you’re doing TOO OFTEN.

If we think about it, we ALL know the things maybe we do a little too often …. maybe wine or beer, bread, cakes or biscuits etc.

Even if they’re removed every other day, it WILL make a huge difference long term.

2) The things around Food and Drink, you’re NOT doing ENOUGH OF.

Again, we could all list at least a couple I’d imagine;
– Increase water intake – 1 less coffee a day – Less Bread – More Veg or Fruit per day – Reduce portion size slightly

– Eating slower! (Better digestion)

Hope it helps, and remember, change ONLY happens with action