The Weight Loss Tips – Part 2


1. Accountability ???????

And the proof in the pudding (shouldn’t be mentioning that word!) is that I was busy today,

but as I said I was doing these (and posted in my Accountability group I’d do them) …… I had to 🙂

If we’re not accountable for our actions,

especially the stuff that matter to us,

there’ll always be times (sometimes majority rather than minority) where it will be a case of “What does it matter if I eat or drink xxxxxx”

“What does it matter if I don’t workout this week?”

Find a friend after similar goals, and trade daily, every otters day food diaries?

Even just write down your food and exercise yourself in a diary? As said, if you don’t, then nothing really ‘matters’ if you do or don’t over a few days.

2. ONE thing at a time ??

How many times when trying to lose weight have you tried to ‘change’ every meal, increase water, exercise more etc? Works for a few days, then likely becomes a bit overwhelming.

It’s no surprise that small steps implemented often,

last longer, challenge our motivation and willpower less,

and get you where you want to be, maybe a little slower, but it’s never how long it takes, more that you DO get there!

I’ve just trained a client and said to her;

“What ONE thing are you doing too much of?”

“What ONE thing are you NOT doing enough of?”

If you sit with the questions above,

and get yourself an honest answer to each,

you have 2 things to implement this week.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar before Meals ????

Something we use in the 4 Week Fat Loss plan,

is to drink a tablespoon in water of this 5mins before meals.

As well as it’s antibacterial properties,

studies have shown it reduces the insulin response in the body to food by around 25%. This is crucial as insulin is a ‘storage’ hormone, and will also sustain your energy levels longer.

4. Keep a supply in the fridge ?????????????

Snacking is often when it ‘goes wrong for many.

Convenience foods, or stuff that feeds the sugar demons.

Chop up some celery, pepper, cucumber, carrot sticks and put in some small tupperware pots in the fridge.

Each morning grab one and take to work/keep for snacks with some hummus or guacamole.

Low in calories, but high in fibre and vitamins there’ll keep you full, sustain energy, and reduce sugar cravings.

Just remember to chop and restock each night,

takes a few minutes but will serve you well.


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