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In fact, nothing is ever one thing…….everything is about a series of actions! Lot’s of people decide they want to lose weight and take up a form of exercise, be it running, bootcamps, PT or fitness classes. Like anything, at first, it hurts! Your body is not used to the workload, muscles ache, your breathings […]

OK, we all talk about being stressed at some point. “Stress” in various forms, releases cortisol, a steroid hormone in the body produced as part of our “Fight or Flight” response. It raises our heart rate, often body temperature and causes us to be alert, on edge and if you like, “a little wired”…….yep exactly […]

This months workout (which you can do daily!) is bodyweight based, so you need zero equipment and just 4mins of time. Note: If you don’t workout often, consult your doctor, I’m not responsible for any injuries etc that may occur during this workout. Fluff done…..   Set a watch/timer for 20secs You will perform overhead […]

Well today was the first of my 7 duathlons booked between September and December. Bloody typical that a few weeks back I said “I bet sod’s law its really hot on the day, and we won’t have had a regular spell of heat to train in” !!!! Hmmm they say be careful what you wish […]

Those that follow me on twitter or on here may know I’ve decided to get back into Duathlons this Autumn/Winter after a 6 years break from them!!   In actual fact, I hadn’t ridden my bike, or run anything past about 1.5miles before April this year in quite a while. I knew starting again, as […]