Situps are a waste of time! |


The old favourite!

THE exercise that gives you a six-pack.

THE exercise most people crank out in 20′s, 30′s 50′s looking for that washboard stomach

THE exercise most people don’t like, but do it, because “it will get results”

THE exercise that most people feel hurting their back….but carry on regardless.


THE most pointless exercise you could do……here’s why;

Most people perform situps to “lose fat” around their tummy and get a 6-pack.

Let’s look at point 1 – Losing Fat.

To lose fat, anywhere you need to be in a calorie deficit – therefore you need to be burning more calories than you’re consuming, or at the least, working intensely.

Cranking out a few situps, pulling on the neck will not be doing either!

Compare 4 sets of 20 pressups, chinups, squats or deadlifts for intensity with some situps – get the picture of effort and intensity?!

On top of this how many calories do you really think you’re burning during a set of situps? I’ll tell you…less than in an apple!

Sure you might be working the stomach muscles a little, under that layer of fat, but performing deadlifts or squats will place a much greater demand on them.

Also, you’re only working your abodminals in a hip flexion movement.(ie bending at the waist) – the main job of the abodminals is to resist extension.

Think about this – how many of you force your way up on a situp and then drop quickly back to the floor under the effort load?!

You’d be much better lifting slightly and then lowering to flat, very slowly, working the muscles on the downward part. Hang on…….I’m starting to tell you to do situp’s…….NO!!

Back pain – how many people complain of back pain with situps, or “I feel it pulling in my neck more?!”

Surely this should be your body telling you “This isn’t working right?!” But no…… must get THAT 6-pack!!

If you really, really want to perform this move – do a crunch, not a situp. Situps, generally are the old school, come all the way up to your knees. Problem here is your “abs” work for the first part(crunch) and when your lower back starts to leave the floor, your hip flexors kick in and take over. You are now starting to pull on your pelvis and put pressure on your lower back.

The best way is to lay over a fitball/swiss ball and perform some controlled crunches with resistance….if you have to do them!

BUT – let me make this clear – “A 6-pack is made in the kitchen, not in the gym!”

What do I mean? Well, going back to that layer of fat, you need to remove that first…crunches, situps won’t do that. You need to reduce wheat, dairy, processed foods, and start drinking lots of water, lots of omega-3, raw foods and vegetables, foods that your digestive system can actually use, rather than causing bloating, and adding to that soft, pouchy look.

My preferred exercises for the abdominals are;

deadlifts, squats, Overhead lunges, cable work and rotations, planks, ball twists, Renegade Rows – and look, not one of those exercises are you lying on yuor back lying a dying beetle, yanking on the neck!

Eat smart, eat natural.

Move smart, move naturally!

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