When things are faster than Usain Bolt! |


“Damn! Life is taking over!”

“Life is so manic at the moment!”

“Life is so full on, I don’t have time for….”

“Things are crazy at the moment”

Heard this before?

Thing is, Life is Life.

It’s always moving, and at the same speed EVERY day.

It’s therefore NO different to yesterday,
last week, last month, last year.

The only thing that has changed is how you view it.

Think about this (if you want!)………..

Today will come and go whether you decide to sit on the sofa and watch boxsets all day, or you decide to clean this house, go to the gym, go shopping, finish some work projects,

book a holiday, run some errands etc

The time, the day, life, is exactly the same. It will come and go, as will tomorrow,

What will bring more control, are the DECISIONS you make.
Everything is a decision.

– A decision to read this message – A decision to put the kettle on – A decision to scan through Facebook

– A decision to do/not do something

When “life feels too fast” it’s the decisions which need to be addressed;

– What REALLY is a priority today? – What would reduce the most stress if done? – What would bring the most fulfilment if done? – What will bring in the most money if done?

– What will take me a step closer to how I want to feel/look if done?

Address things that way, and then look to do just 3-5 a day; realising that “having more time” would not make things easier, as theres always things we COULD do, but it would just bring more frustration, overwhelm and concern.

There’s always things to do, but there’s always a tomorrow

you are FINE just as you are — just so long as focus on priority tasks, and NOT everything!

Priorities MEAN something, ‘things to do’ don’t!

(P.S. This is why I’ve talked with my coaching clients about having a daily MUST DO list rather than a Todo List – One is essential, one is just a list of things on our mind!)

The moment you can slow down, and work just on priorities is the moment you’ll feel a weight lifted, and be back in control. (Sure, odd days throw a spanner in the works, but we’re talking the majority)

Thanks for reading and making it a Priority 😉