Fit in or Stand out? |


Another shot of reality in this article, especially as I have 2 sub-teenage girls.

I did a talk last week to a group of 11-14 year old boys around health, but one of the last points I made, was to “Not compare” with others, if they wanted to improve happiness, confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst it’s tough at that age, and socially they just want to “fit in” and doing what the others are doing etc, you remove some of your individual characteristics and traits that make you, YOU.

In life people will always move towards, resonate and want to spend more time with those they feel they “connect” with, and this comes down to individuality.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” = because you’ll always end up trying to match up to somebody else intentions or objectives, and in turn taking away that “special” spark that each one of us, and that makes us that individual from the next.

You only have to look on social media like YouTube, and those people who are the most ‘successful’ are doing nothing different to the thousands of others out there, but the one single difference is their own ‘individuality’ they bring or add – the ONE THING people can’t copy!

It’s OK to fit in – BUT it’s even better AND easier to do it as YOU!

What are your thoughts, dealings and conversations you’ve had personally or with your kids?