There is NO wagon |


Something I’ve heard a fair bit the last
few weeks, is “the wagon”.

People “falling off” this mysterious wagon,
often on a Monday,

something we build in our heads as a
super fast vessel to get us pronto, to where we want to be.

But let me tell you; – why it’s incorrect, – could cause more damage long term,

– how you improve choices.

Firstly, there is no wagon. It always seems to be around food and drink on a Monday,

it’s never;

“I’ve fallen off the wagon, and not been out with friends, I’ve fallen off the wagon and not looked at my emails,

I’ve fallen off the wagon and forgotten to take the kids to their clubs”

End of the day, what is IS, is choices.

Anytime we have too many days drinking, have a few takeaways etc, they’re all choices, WE made,

but if we tell ourself “We’ve fallen off the wagon”

internally, (our ‘internal dialogue’)

starts a fight with itself.

“Told you, you never stick to things – knew you couldn’t make right choices” etc etc

This is in turn knocks our confidence,
and ability to plan, and make better choices initially.

The odd choice here and there,
either good or bad,

has minimal impact on our longer term plans and happiness.

But if this see-saw and choices start to regularly favour the weekday drinks, missed gym sessions, more meals out,

and vending machine treats, what happens?

THIS starts to become our NEW habit and routine.

It’s at this point we need to stop. Workout what ISN’T working for us, and plan some SMALL steps we can take, to start the shift back the other way on the see-saw,

to get things working for us again.

** What’s a priority to you and Why? ** What things do you need to reduce to improve this? ** What things do you need to implement to improve this?

** What step can you take NOW, to start the tilt on the see-saw.

Nothing is ever permanent.
Both good and bad.

But if habits and routines have started to “set” for you, and they’re not serving you, then maybe you need to stop,

take stock and follow the steps above?

Hope it helps,
and enjoy your choices this weekend!


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