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ShareWeight Gain or Loss, is ALWAYS around what we do the majority of the time. There is NO need to remove certain foods or drinks from our diet …… this just makes us want them MORE, and often makes us unhappy……. , but there MIGHT be the need to reduce them. A little bit of […]

ShareSo quite often we over complicate things, and sometimes, going back to basics, can deliver results. Almost …… ‘Stop looking for the magic answer’, and do the basics often, to feel more in control and improve results. So, Food and Diets…….. Any diet will work if weightloss is your aim. But how many that you’ve […]

ShareSupplements are a common question I get. Unfortunately they’re banded around as a quick fix option – but without much substance…..literally! So first the boring but true phrase; “They’re a supplement to your diet” – the lazy persons response! Basically what this means is; Sort what you eat out, and often, before wasting any money on supplements. […]

ShareSleep – more than just shut eye, but something that will affect; * Weight * Health * Mood * Energy * Daily Choices – How often do you find yourself looking at the clock, and wondering where the last few hours went? – Possibly closing onto ‘the next day’ before you get to bed? – […]

ShareA question I get asked relatively often, is; “Is running the best form of exercise for weight loss?” Before I answer,  lemme give you a story of this morning; I took my 3 yr cocker for his annual booster at the vets, and as part of it you weigh him. I remember about a year […]