How’s your sleep? |


Sleep – more than just shut eye,

but something that will affect;

* Weight

* Health

* Mood

* Energy

* Daily Choices

– How often do you find yourself looking at the clock,

and wondering where the last few hours went?

– Possibly closing onto ‘the next day’ before you get to bed?

– Feel evenings are all about ‘catchup’, and telling yourself ‘that’s how it is’ ?

– Maybe procrastinating, web/FB surfing beforehand?

Like anything – NOTHING is PERMANENT or set!

Sleep is when our bodies get a chance

to rebuild. Reset, and prime us for the next day.

We’ve all had occasional nights of crap sleep,

and remembers the ‘next day’ effects?!


Mid to longer term……..

We function via a collection of chemical reactions

called hormones.

2 of these Grehlin and Leptin will affect your weight.


1) Leptin signals to the brain you’re full. Often the root of ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!” phrase.

Leptin resistance literally halts the hormone from being released, or ‘received’ and can result in eating when not ‘hungry’.

2) Grehlin is the opposite to Leptin – it signals you’re hungry.

Irregular sleep patterns or not enough of it,

can affect levels of Grehlin along with Leptin and your body is like a rollercoaster around food signals and triggers.


Throw in blood sugar levels which affect

energy levels, and mood

(which often reflects how we feel, and then choices we make)

and sleep can be a “Use it or Lose” it controller.

And the best part?

It’s free!

We don’t have to pay for more.

And, we’re in control of how much we get,

and how we get it most of the time!

So, do you need to, or want to make changes

to it, and therefore health, and possibly weight?

What’s stopping you?