Back to Basics – Food and Diets |


So quite often we over complicate things,

and sometimes, going back to basics, can deliver results.

Almost …… ‘Stop looking for the magic answer’, and do the basics often, to feel more in control and improve results. So, Food and Diets…….. Any diet will work if weightloss is your aim. But how many that you’ve tried, are you still following, and I mean regularly, not going back to when you need to shift that 7lb(and most scales loss will be water)! Problem is, most diets are NOT sustainable. It will often consist of some form of restriction or elimination, and more often than not, while you’re ‘on it’, you have one eye (more likely 2!) on the * FINAL DAY *, so you can get back to ALL those things you’ve been missing ……. right?! 🙂 A ‘diet’ is fine, it has it’s place, but in my opinion, being on and off something isn’t a happy way to live?! ———– So why does a diet work, and what can you TAKE from it? 1) You have the ‘rules’ laid out. 2) You’ll often KNOW what you’re having from one meal to the next 3) You prepare meals in advance 4) You shop for those meals (Unless your drinking shakes or popping pills) 5) You’ll likely cut back (or on most diets, OUT) alcohol 6) You’ll likely reduce sugar intake 7) You’ll maybe have some accountability in the form of a friend doing it or a physcial/social group (Like my L.E.A.N group 😉 ) 8) You’ll possibly increase or add in some exercise 9) You’ll likely have a ‘figure’ of weightless you’re aiming for 10) You’ll likely reduce wheat or bread 11) You’ll probably increase fruit and vegetables 12) You’ll cut out a lot more convenience ‘foods’ …. unless you’re back to those meal replacement shakes and pills! ———– And in closing ……. How many of those 12 things, could you do right now, or tomorrow, anyhow?! 🙂 Hope it helps, lemme know your thoughts.