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Many of you may well have seen the outstanding results some of the guys are getting on the 19DayBody ! You can also see the experience I have and results I get with my Personal Training clients here 

For this programme I stipulated that it would be hard. Both physically and mentally. Well, you wouldn’t expect otherwise for such results in just 19 days?!!

This rightly put some people off who couldn’t commit 19 days to working out twice a day, no alcohol, processed foods, treat meals etc.

Alongside a results based programme for them to follow, the guys who have finished the 19 days, said that one of the best features of the plan, was having a “closed group” to those on the programme, as they felt part of a community, and had somewhere to voice their feelings, concerns, highs and lows, and somewhere they had direct access to me to answer their questions.

The also enjoyed the structure of having a nutrition plan to follow, and their workouts given to them.

This is where most people go wrong when left to themselves.

They might do a bit of a workout found in the latest gossip magazine. They’ll try something they’ve seen on the web, or start following the latest diet being raved about. But soon, through lack of motivation, results, and/or knowledge of the subject they fall off – this could even be you?!

So – I’ve decoded to take the aspects that work and build it into something that ANYONE can follow, long term, for ongoing results, both health and fitness.

So what is in TribeFit?!

When you signup for the group on the forum you’ll be joining a “tribe” of like-minded people who are also after results in a closed group

There is;

– A nutrition plan for everyday of the week, that ANYONE can follow – it even allows for 1-2 treat meals a week!

– A whole catalogue of workouts, growing every week. Some use just bodyweight alone, some will use pieces of kit (I’m talking with companies at the moment to get everyone a discount!)

– A compendium of recipes for the nutrition plan that again will be growing every week

– Videos of workouts and exercises so you’re not left wondering what is what!

–  Articles by me on supplements, ideas, fitness and fat loss tips to help you stay on track and improve results

– Chat from you guys to help each other (you’re all following the same workouts and nutrition plan) to motivate when needed, and trade ideas and support – THE TRIBE!

So you’ve seen the results I can get people in 19 days – surely you’re interested in my plans if ANYONE can follow them, and arent limited to the restrictions of 19 Days?! 

All for about the cost of a newspaper a day……plus receive better info! £9.99 a month

Come on over, have a read, and join up. If it’s not right for you, no problem there’s still plenty of FREE info and results on the main forum simple-smile-6287316


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