How irritants work |



It can be everywhere,

the more we expose ourself to it,
the more it will irritate and cause a problem.

???????WTF you talking about Mark?!

Example 1

This weekend I was using a hedge/shrub
cutter to take out, well, a load of hedges.

I now have a big blister on the palm of my (fairy liquid) hand, where the electric saw continually 

vibrated and rubbed against it.

Nothing much happened after a few minutes, but the continuous ‘exposure’ to the 

vibration and movement, wore away and created it.

++ Before it turns into an episode of Garden Time ++ ……

Example 2

the same things happens with Foods and external Stressors
we expose ourselves too.

The first time we eat something that  doesn’t agree with us, or causes internal digestive issues,

not a lot happens.

But if we eat/drink them regularly, they create  ???????more and more inflammation and irritation internally,

and soon affect our energy, stomach size and health.

Same with stressors in daily life. If we’re spinning too many plates,

or feeling “out of control” in day to day happenings,

???????we can ‘deal with it’ for a while, ???????but keep ‘rubbing away’ and exposing yourself to it, and we breakdown, immune system is affected

and we get ill.

NOTHING is a problem occasionally, but EVERYTHING can become a problem

if it happens often.

>> Scratch your arm – nothing, right? Now scratch it 10 more times on the same spot …. that’s the idea!

Whether it’s food irritants or things going on in daily life, and too many plates spinning, or days

moving like a tornado my Look Great Feel Great “Supercharged”

plan covers all, and doesn’t act like putting a plaster

over the top!

It will help remove the cause!

Interested? Cool – see you there!