Less is NOT More |


So talking with a new PT client yesterday

brought this to the front…..

When looking to lose weight,

LESS is NOT always more.

By this I mean, it’s not about “reducing”

what you eat.

For sure, if you’re eating cakes, biscuits,

crisps, daily,

alcohol is in at weekends and a few times

during the week,

bread is a staple,

then YES – you need to eat less of these

for better health and weightloss.

But once your daily diet is mostly

from natural, benefitical foods (Meats, Eggs, Fish, Veg, Fruits etc)

you shoudn’t bee looking to reduce

your intake further to lose weight.

My preference was for this client to include

MORE protein and GOOD FATS (like avocado, olive oil, few nuts, nut butters, coconut oil etc)

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a lot of the time with energy dips

–> You may well find your sleep pattern isn’t great.

When you drink less water your body holds on

to more of it – it thinks it’s being restricted.

The same with food – you cut back on food

too much it resleases enzymes to store more fat ——-

—— it thinks it’s being starved.

So DON’T rely on scales as your results marker.

Don’t look for short cuts to health and weight loss.


Don’t think that eating LESS is your way to “favourable”

numbers – you’ll just end up depressed and burnt out.