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Well last Friday the deed was done! 90min surgery to reattach my ruptured bicep tendon turned into 3 hours, and finally got home later that day, slinged up! Now to many the whole talk of surgery is probably boring and un-interesting – if I’m honest it probably would be to me too, but its one […]

Ahhh injuries suck!   Last Tuesday night at Bootcamp I decided to “overarm bowl” a medicine ball the length of a 5-a-side football pitch, at bootcamp, instead of rolling it – result – a tear/rip in the elbow area or my right arm that bloody hurt! Had 2 physio sessions, and tho they think there […]

Essential for probably 95% of you! Most people don’t move enough! I mean properly move….our joints are supposed to move in a “full range” Just try circling your arms in a full circle, both ways for 10 goes. Can you really get a FULL circle, touching your ear both sides? Is it an effort?! If […]

Following on from the last post and helping injuries from exercise or running, there is another crucial tool in the box, everyone should invest in and do regularly Foam Rolling Spend a few mins a night while watching the TV, and this will save you many hours of aches pains, and “out of action” moments. […]

I’ve come across lots of injuries through running, and not just from muscle imabalances. One of the most important areas for a runner is “big toe” mobility. Think for a second, as you land and run through your “foot gait” – the last point of toe-off, is your big toe. Now this toe-joint can become […]