October, 2016 |

October 19, 2016

ShareReasons why YOU are just fine. Everyone is individual. Yet Everyone breaths and bleeds the same. Everyone has their own shit going on in life at some point, even if, quite often, with the growth of social media, many don’t let this side out – they pretend life, business etc is amazing EVERY single day…… […]

October 14, 2016

ShareMotivation. Something we all look for more of at some point, but what is it and where does it come from? First off we never lack motivation  around something that is a priority to us. Whether this is tuning in for Bake Off despite not working out that day, or possibly planning what tomorrow’s meal’s! […]

October 12, 2016

Share“Damn! Life is taking over!” “Life is so manic at the moment!” “Life is so full on, I don’t have time for….” “Things are crazy at the moment” Heard this before? Thing is, Life is Life. It’s always moving, and at the same speed EVERY day. It’s therefore NO different to yesterday, last week, last […]

October 10, 2016

ShareHappy New Week! So, stop for a second…….. …. … .. . “What’s gonna be different this week?” If you’ve got that “Monday” feeling – WHY? Again…..”What’s going to be different this week?” – What needs to change? – What do you need to do differently? – What do you need to slow down and […]

October 4, 2016

ShareAnother shot of reality in this article, especially as I have 2 sub-teenage girls. I did a talk last week to a group of 11-14 year old boys around health, but one of the last points I made, was to “Not compare” with others, if they wanted to improve happiness, confidence and self-esteem. Whilst it’s […]