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I’m a successful Fat Loss Personal Trainer in Surrey, England getting these great results!

I help people in person, and on-line transform Daily Life and the things that aren’t working, via simple steps that create improved daily habits and routines.

If you’d like to talk about improving “what isn’t working” please call or email me, for a free “no sale” discussion.

I also am Business Mentor to a number of successful Personal Trainers.

I’m passionate about my job, and spend a lot of time furthering my knowledge to enhance the results of my clients.

I have been coached by some of the UK’s, even the worlds top trainers, including Phil Richards who has worked with Amir Khan, Bolton FC, Leicester Tigers and many other top rugby clubs,

Mike Heatlie who is responsible for making Gwen Steffani look how she does!

Nick Grantham and Duncan French, 2 of the countries top Strength and conditioning coaches, who work with Premier League football clubs, and UK athletes.

I’ve also mentored/interned with Matt Lovell, who works as the nutritionist for England Rugby, Premiership football clubs, and many UK athletes

Many of my training courses are with Dax Moy, the UK’s most experienced and expensive PT! – I train with the best, to provide the best possible service!

I have had regular articles and features in Mens Fitness, GQ Magazine, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, and have appeared on BBC Radio, proving my opinions and methods matter! This is why I AM busy.

Business Mentoring

I mentor a number of Personal Trainers, helping them to improve the knowledge and business, passing on the information I have learnt in 10+ years.

I run a 4 week (Skype) mentoring course, but also offer on-going mentoring.

If you’d like to apply for the mentoring scheme, enter your details in the box above to get started.

Here are some of my mentoring clients comments;

Michelle Day, Bristol

“I’ve been working with Mark for about a year. He has helped me to think about my business carefully and in some cases differently. Thus has re-energised my business and my love of PT also! Mark’s knowledge of all aspects of PT, from advertising for clients to the technical aspects of training is a vast resource that I have only just begun to tap! Need help getting out of a rut with your business? Want to ‘take it to a new level? Mark may be the answer you’re looking for.”

Hannah Davies, Cambridge – @hannahdtrainer

“I have been a self employed PT for nearly two years, and after a successful first year I needed to make my “job” into a business and reach more people. After contacting Mark through Twitter and attending his Gym Free Workshop I could see that Mark was really knowledgeable and ran a successful fitness business with an approach I really liked. Luckily for me Mark took me on board and started to mentor me covering all aspects of running a business, setting up new ventures, marketing my brand and using successful methods to train and educate my clients into their new healthy lifestyle.

Mark’s knowledge is amazing and his support and advice has helped me to improve my business, grow my brand and improve my confidence with the service i provide. I would HIGHLY recommend Mark’s mentoring program to any PT’s no matter how experienced or inexperienced you maybe. Everyone will gain something. Thanks Mark”

Anna Chaplin, Richmond 

“My mentoring with Mark has been great.  He’s opened my eyes and given me the tools I need to get my business up and going.  It can be quite daunting and overwhelming when trying to go solo as a PT as it’s hard to know where to start.  Having Mark, who’s been there and done it, to give direction and advice to ensure time is used effectively has been without a doubt hugely beneficial for me.  Every session provided me with lots of valuable knowledge, which you just can’t get from reading a book or going on a course.  Thank you Mark!!”

Michael Phan, Balham – @michaelphanpt

“That I have waited this long to get in touch with Mark for his mentoring has been a travesty!!  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and with it I can see clearly that I should have done it sooner.  I’ve had no regrets since signing up to what has been a thorough and engaging mentoring plan.  We’ve covered many areas and ideas on how to best try and improve on my PT/Bootcamp business.  Mark has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he tapped into throughout, much to my benefit.

As we’ve progressed through the modules, covering everything from advertising to nutrition, group training to reading lists, I’ve found that implementing his ideas has had a positive effect on the business.  Ultimately, it’s down to you to make the effort and ‘eat your frogs’ but Mark has been there to guide and advise all the way.  I can’t thank him enough and happily recommend his services to any personal trainers looking to blow up their business too.”

I  have been privileged to have been mentored by him throughout my PT course. Post-qualifying, I have found that my business and brand are already streets ahead of those of my newly qualified colleagues. I have found Mark’s support and advice to be invaluable in terms of my growth and development as a PT, especially in terms of my business. Without mentoring I wouldn’t have had the first idea where to start trying to market myself, what to charge, how to run my business, etc. Mark’s advice is both practical and philosophical – I have found my own attitude and approach has changed as a result of working with him. My business is taking off at a pace I could only have dreamed of and it has made the transition from being a ‘nine-to-five-er’ to self employed PT and therapist much smoother than if I had tried to do it myself!

My advice to any trainee PT’s is get qualified as quickly as you can and then spend time mentoring with Mark if you really want to see your business fly ! In a business that is developing and changing as rapidly as ours, you can’t really afford not to !

Iain Whitaker, Bristol – @whitfitpt

“I signed up for some mentoring sessions with Mark Raynsford to help clarify my career in personal training. What I learned was beyond helpful and thought provoking. Helped me almost triple my business, challenge my previous mindsets regarding productivity, and covered an immense amount of information.

The Skype sessions made it that much more personal and I’d recommend this to any PT that is looking to make quick inroads to a successful business.”

Learn everything you need to improve your knowledge, your business, your client base and sales!

Contact me Info@Markspt.co.uk to enquire about the PT Mentoring scheme

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