April, 2016 |

April 28, 2016

Share I read something yesterday that I thought I’d share.   I read/listen to a LOT of books. I’d say 3-4 a month, on top of online content, mentoring and coaching info.   Why? (You can tell I’m writing as I think….!) I’m fortunate that I’ve chosen a profession I enjoy. I love helping people […]

April 14, 2016

Share Todo lists can be a great way to get stuff done, be more productive and focussed, but can also contribute to feelings or frustration and overwhelm, if they take over – and here’s why; Often people can;   Feel they’re chasing their tail all the time. Being undecided on what to do first Choosing […]

April 12, 2016

ShareIt’s often the thing that can limit us – it certainly gets the emotional brain into “TURBO” gear. STARTING. ————— Just getting on and starting what you need, want or have to do. I’ve just done my first “Livestream” video – I could have put it off, tried to find the “best time” to run […]

April 11, 2016

ShareSo Thursday night, I kicked off the first session on my NEW “MindFit Group Coaching Plan”. How much we get done on a daily basis How we feel on a daily basis How much enthusiasm/energy we have on a daily basis How much Direction/Focus we have on a daily basis – this includes the ability […]