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Many of you may well have seen the outstanding results some of the guys are getting on the 19DayBody programme over at my fat loss and fitness forum – which is FREE for anyone to join! You can also see the experience I have and results I get with my Personal Training clients here  For this […]

Many people often reach for something processed/packages based when it comes to snacks. Often because people have left too long since the last meal, or it didn’t contain enough protein, and the bodies receptors start craving carbs – and many hit the biscuits, crisps or other nutrient devoid snacks! I recently chatted with the guys […]

So Christmas is on it’s way sooner than everyone expects! I think people get excited over the Christmas festivities, but also know in the back of their minds it can be the time of year when food, drink and waistlines spiral out of control – often with the acceptance of “I’ll start again in the […]

So, Winter is round the corner and illness is setting in from every angle! What can we do to stop, or reduce the risk of catching anything?   Well plenty – but again, only if you make the effort! Here are my tips if you want to stay healthy and boost your immune system; 1) SLEEP! Crucial […]

Just think for a moment, do you know many, or anyone who has actually got lean, and I mean “lean”, not just losing some weight from following a “diet” or from changing just a few foods around? I doubt it. The reason? They are not removing the foods their body doesn’t digest properly, and therefore […]