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Saw this ridiculous article the other day – this is where it goes wrong, when you get a non-professional writing such crap! To me, it’s basically justifying the choice of eating crap foods. Sure every now and then is ok, but the way’s it’s written is that it’s just a few calories so go for it!

The issue isn’t necessarily about calories but the amount of sugar in things. It’s the sugar that releases fat storing insulin, and ends up knocking your energy levels out, so you reach for more sugar/stimulants.

As always, eat NATURAL foods 90% of the time, not things that contain multiple ingredients and comes packaged!

McVities Jaffa Cakes 12 pack £1.19

Each light and fluffy Jaffa Cake has just 46 kcals and 1 gram of fat. Just make sure you stick at two if you want to stay under 100 calories!

Yeah and a good heaped teaspoon of sugar in each one – good if you’re doing distance running!

Choxi+ Dark Chocolate Bar 70g £1.99

Just two squares of this scrumptious dark chocolate contain all the antioxidants your body needs for a whole day – about the same as two bowls of blueberries or a pound of Brussels sprouts – all for just 50 calories and 2.3 grams of fat.

Yeah right, they supply the same quality/type of antioxidants as blueberries? Checking this and its 65% cocoa – that ain’t dark chocolate!!

Muller Light Vanilla and Chocolate Yogurt 61p per pot

With only 86 calories, 0.8 grams of fat and 26% of your recommended intake of calcium per day these make a great low-calorie dessert or snack for chocolate lovers.

More sugar and nothing beneficial here!

Toffee Crisp – £1.39 for a pack of 7

Nestle have re-launched some of the nation’s favourite classic chocolate biscuit bars including Breakaway, Drifter, Blue Riband and Toffee Crisp in new 99 calorie-sized bars (5g of fat) that are free from artificial colours or preservatives. Great for a low-calorie, portion-controlled sweet treat.

Portion controlled, but comes in a pack of 7…like tempting a lion on starvation with a small child wandering child…..

Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate £2.79 per 200g jar

A 10g serving made with 200ml water of this rich, smooth flavoured hot chocolate has just 37 kcals and 1.5g of fat so it’s a good way to get your chocolate fix without piling on the pounds and, if you have it in place of your usual latte, you could save over 300 calories each time too.

Whatever….I hate products called “skinny”…..to me, skinny means unhealthy!

Aero Chocolate Mousse £1.19 4 x 59g pots

Blink and you’ll miss ‘em but these little pots do provide a quick, creamy chocolate fix for just 98 calories and 4g of fat. Not bad at all as long as you don’t reach straight back into the fridge for the other three pots!

Keep blinking and walk past that isle, the last sentence sums it up!

Go ahead! Chocolate and Redberry Fruity Crunch Bars £1.35 per packet of 6.

85 cals, 2.2g fat, 1.1g saturates, 8.2g sugars, 0.1g salt

These Go ahead! Chocolate & Redberry Fruity Crunch bars are made from crisped rice, toasted oats and red berries topped with smooth milk chocolate, which all adds up to a tasty, low-calorie way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Each pack contains six individually wrapped bars so they are easy to carry with you and are great for portion control too. Also available in Citrus Twist flavour.

Again, portion control – get a grip?!! Why satisfy the sweet tooth? What this means is you’ve eaten suagr or high GI foods in the morning, and it’s coming round to your afternoon energy slump, and you need that fix! Why not balance blood sugar levels during the day by eliminating sugar, and you won’t have a sweet tooth to fix……nor will the dentist!


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