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—-> You’re tired and feeling out shape?

—-> Stressed and find you keep falling off the wagon?

—-> Fed up “knowing what you should be doing” but not doing it! (Learn What and Why this happens & how to change!)

—-> Current habits and routines, not delivering or making you feel how you want?

—-> Want access to my 15 years of experience AND results to sort Body & Mind?

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You’re not alone! This plan is written FOR YOU, to show results Internally & Externally can improve YOU during after 21 days!

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” I have been raving about the 21 day plan (but a life plan really) to all my mates! I can honestly say that it’s the ‘easiest’ diet I have ever done – and I have tried many! By ‘easy’ I mean I have had no cravings (maybe a little for red wine…), I am never hungry, I don’t think about snacking and don’t feel deprived. Best of all it’s really good for you and I know it will be something I can easily follow for the rest of my life (not just for post Xmas)! It doesn’t get better than that does it?” –  R. Cropper, Surrey

Everybody wants to Look Great and Feel Great!

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So, if you want to learn how to improve your health, resulting in fat loss, more energy, and higher fitness levels, NOW IS THE TIME!!  Learn HOW the 21 day LGFG plan can work for YOU! Click here!

** “Thank you Mark, this is exactly the program I needed! If you had given me a PDF with workouts and nutrition guideline only I probably would have caved in. But having your support and being in a group or team environment doing it as well plus sending the photos in meant I had accountability and I didn’t want to let the others down by eating cr&p! Daily discussions and tips, messages were a real motivation to keep going.

** I am sleeping the best I have done in a long time, the new routine helped and as a result have more energy and alert during the day than I ever used to. No more yawning at work and needing snacks to get through the day.

** I have enjoyed the new food program and different meals and feel as fit as I did 3 years ago when I trained with you one to one and did the boot camps.

** More importantly I feel good about myself, I have learnt how much of an emotional eater I am and when bored or fed up I eat bad food. Now I know that exercise, correct food (better portion sizes) and regular sleep  can make me feel better.

** Thanks again Mark and everyone who took part who really helped me through this and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be healthier! And I have!!”


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 A. Kazie, 21 Day LGFG Client – 
“I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you how brilliant you are and I’m certain I won’t be the last.

Before signing up to LGFGin21 I was eating carb laden meals at all hours, skipping meals often and drinking more sugar loaded cordials than you can imagine. I slept at midnight sometimes later and got up at 5am feeling like death and looking like I had spent all night in a closed room smoking an illegal substance. I got grumpy and tired by mid afternoon and just didn’t have the energy to do anything by the time I got home.

To top it off I worked out vigorously and yet couldn’t understand why for the life of me I wasn’t losing weight. Then you came along and showed me the errors of my way.

I’m still excessively overweight and confess that on days when I did double sessions at Bootcamp I’d skip your workout and yet still feel very proud have achieved the results I have in 21 days. Now I’m super super excited about what I can do following your plan to the letter and even more excited because I know it works.

Look out for my after after pics because I have a feeling they are going to be amazing!!!

I can’t thank you enough Mark. Here’s the cheese…. you are changing my life!”

Anon 21 Day LGFG client –

Sorry if i go on a bit!

About a month before i started the 21 day plan my IBS came back with a vengeance (probably due to 10 days camping food i.e bread, pasta, more bread, more pasta!).  Despite cutting out the wheat i was still feeling really crap – sleeping really badly at night, falling asleep during the day, missing meals and in hindsight living off coffee and chocolate!  I was buying healthy food but somehow never getting around to cooking or eating it so the 21 day plan couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

The 21 day plan has been fantastic! My IBS has completely cleared up, I’m cooking and eating 3 proper meals a day, my body is loving me for it (i’m sleeping much better and have lots more energy) and I can see and feel a real difference.

What’s great about the 21 day plan is that is doesn’t feel like a “quick fix”, rather a re-education (when i read that the first evening meal at the end of the plan could be whatever we wanted i was surprised to find that i struggled to think of anything i’d really missed!). The exercises have been challenging but strangely enjoyable and the facebook support has been invaluable. All in all i would thoroughly recommend the plan to anyone, not only to lose weight and shape up, but to remind ourselves that it’s just as important what we put into our bodies as much as what we do with them!”



We’re talking;

– Waking up each morning, possibly without the alarm, and getting out of bed awake and ready to go, rather than looking like a Basset Hound all morning!

– Having minimal stress in your life, a clear mind, plenty of positive thoughts and laughter

– Having the same amount of energy from morning to late evening

– Having a body you’re proud of that looks, and performs how you want it to.

Learn how to eat for ALL the above, AND keep it going – no short term fixes, but education to show you why marketing sucks, and results based knowledge is easy to implement, and get results with!

So, how do you start making the above into reality? Well, by downloading my FREE  “FORMULA” ebook TOP RIGHT of this page!