Supplements |


Supplements are a common question I get.
Unfortunately they’re banded around as a quick fix option – but without much substance…..literally!

So first the boring but true phrase;
“They’re a supplement to your diet” – the lazy persons response!

Basically what this means is;
Sort what you eat out, and often, before wasting any money on supplements.

In fact, I’d personally go with this;
1) Regular Food intake. As natural as possible, 3 meals a day and repeat.

2) Water – Minimum of 1.5litres a day

3) Sleep – Get a decent amount and of decent quality. Ideally asleep by 11 (yes this changes if you’re shift work etc) but if you don’t you’re just fannying around, if you go to bed later!

4) Stressors – Many stressors are self created. Look to address these. Write them down, address or look to put in place steps to address ones you can influence, and sort in priority list, starting with those which will relieve the most, or make the most difference.

5) Get moving. No not workouts necessarily, just get moving! Twisting, pushing, lunging, pressing – a bit more than you already do

6) Know what you want to achieve, when by, and how. It’s amazing how many people don’t REALLY know what they’re trying to achieve and how they’ll do it. This can be a big reason why things go tits up after a week or so.

7) Be organised. Plan, prep and do it again around the steps above, to ‘wherever’ you’re trying to get to.
This is another reason why the bottom falls out of progress after a few weeks

Hope it helps 🙂


P.S. An no, fat burners do NOT burn fat. They raise adrenaline, give you the jitters, and probably knacker your health and energy levels more than burning fat!