Is running best? |


A question I get asked relatively often,

“Is running the best form of exercise for weight loss?”

Before I answer, 
lemme give you a story of this morning;

I took my 3 yr cocker for his annual booster
at the vets, and as part of it you weigh him.

I remember about a year ago he was 15kg, This time, I weighed him twice (yep human nature kicks in!)

when the scales read just over 17kg!!!!

“Yeah he’s a bit overweight” smiled the vet.

I even, automatically kicked in with the the old excuse;
“He’s quite a well built dog – big rib cage” …. ha ha ha – the shame!!

But nope, stats don’t lie!
Poor old/young Nero, is gonna be getting less grub!

So why am I saying this?

– Does a dog run?
– A lot?

For sure – yet he’s still overweight?!

It’s always, always, always food,
and on a REGULAR basis, which determines weight.

If you’re looking at exercise as a form of weightloss, you’re going to have a lot of ‘internal battles’,

frustrations and up’s and down’s.

Consuming 500kcals and then exercising to ‘burn’
500kcals, does NOT put you back to square one or zero.

Our bodies are chemical machines, they’re NOT an ‘in and out’ machine,

different foods have different effects on our body.

Oh how 500-500=0 would make things easier?!

Seriously though, exercise should be something to keep you moving,

healthy, functioning as long as possible.

This is why it’s crucial to find something you enjoy,
we’ll only ever stick to something we enjoy.

It’s also why my L.E.A.N (Open and helping more people if you want a slot!) plan gives short, sharp, enjoyable workouts, with NO pressure on frequency, and yet people are dropping weight each week, and feeling happier and more in control of daily 

life, feelings and thoughts.

When you have a plan, Support and Accountability, EVERYTHING drops into place

and works smoothly —- it’s a SYSTEM!

???????So run if you enjoy it, but don’t if you don’t. Either way,

???????don’t use exercise as a punishment tool.

There’s enough things in daily life we turn into stressors,

without adding more.