How to be unstoppable in 2011! |


OK, so what do you want to achieve next year?

I mean, really, really want?! (and we’re not talking Spice Girls!)

This can be anything from;

– dropping weight or a dress size

– Improving fitness (but must be measurable…eg run for 20mins non stop)

– Being able to do full pressups or X amount of a certain exercise

– Cutting out a certain food or drink, even if just during the week

– It could even be something personal or work related that will have a knock on effect with everything else.

Don’t wait til the New Year, or the famous “next week” to do these. Start writing some things down that you want to achieve or do, and then from that you can start putting specific timestamps on them, and when you want to achieve this by. By setting actual dates, you’re making the target real. If it’s just “well I want to lose weight” that isn’t measurable, and I guarantee you won’t get anywhere!

Then the next step is working out what the barriers are that are stopping your from achieving this, or could become a barrier. You then need to address each of these, write down what you can do to break these (not go for a takeaway every week, or drink during the week), and start acting!

Finally, surround your self with like minded people – doing this will push you further than normal, keep you focussed and stop you dropping off the wagon. Successful business people did not get where they are by hanging around with the unemployed, or “work skivers” – they stay close to other successful people.

“You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” – re-read that, and then look at who you hang-out with!!

With a proper plan in place, anything is achievable.

Start putting down you ideas here. This way you are being accountable to more than yourself, and this has been proven to give better results.

Everything starts with an idea – so put some down, and I’ll gladly help if I can!!

I will pop mine down over Xmas…..and some are HUGE!!!

Coming tomorrow – an Interview with UK Fat Loss Expert Paul Mort, whom I’ve mentored with. We’ll crack some awesome facts on detoxing, fat loss and heath.