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When is comes to losing weight, I’d go as far to say that 80% of the results will be down to food, and what you do or don’t eat.

Many people think there is one particular exercise that can be used to lose fat from a certain body area – crunches for stomach, seated abductor machine for the bum, leg extension for the thighs or dips for the bingo wing arms?!!

Yes, doing resistance training is key, as you’re looking to build lean muscle, which will burn calories while you’re resting, something that CV training (running, x-trainer etc) won’t do. Once you finish those, and you’re heart rate/body state returns the calorie burn starts to drop off.

Whilst these exercises will work those targeted muscles, if you have a layer of fat covering them, it’s a waste of time and effort.

Without even getting into the technical side of things, just consider for a moment how many hours per week you exercise for?

– 1 hour?

– 3 hours?

– Maybe even 5 hours?!

But how many hours does that leave in a week? About 160! That’s a lot of additional time that you might be sat down, and around food choices that just won’t benefit your body, your training or your plans!

You cannot out-train a bad or irregular diet! You ARE wasting your time and efforts!

You could possibly burn 300kcals in a training session, but you could consume this with 1 glass of wine and a chocolate bar, or double this with a supermarket sandwich for lunch, or even 1,200kcals with a takeaway meal!

Frustrating huh?!

I recently got a text from a bootcamper who has only been coming for about 3 weeks and it read;

“”A guy who hasn’t been into the office for a few months has just come in and was amazed at how good I looked, and said I looked radiant!! – Thankyou!”

Well 3 weeks of working out is not going to make a “huge” difference to your body shape, but it will certainly help with endorphin or feel good hormones!

The key here is that she is following our nutrition plan, and is recording a food diary that I give comments on daily. Having this kind of accountability ensures you don’t slip off the bandwagon, and you are given the right information with regards to what to eat and when (if you’re interested in a nutritional consultation and plan message me!!)

This goes to show that what you eat not only determines what you look like, but how you feel, and the image your portray!

Scrap the processed food, eat natural foods, remove the sugar and stimulants and you’ll also start looking more radiant and healthier!