How to achieve what you want! |


OK, yesterday you were just thinking of what you want to achieve in the first stages of 2011.

If you haven’t don’t worry, but get thinking and writing. Procrastinating is easy, but if you want results, you have to take action!

Today’s task is where the action starts!

Grab a piece of paper, and at the top write down your goal or target you want to achieve. Below this write the actual day you want to achieve this by. Sounds strange that you’re setting an actual date, when you probably think “I don’t know the exact date!” – but by being specific, you’ve set a proper goal, not just a ” oh sometime by February! By setting and actual date, you’ll realise how much mimportant this goal and target is. Once you have this date, write it in your diary, calendar – everywhere you will look.

You now have you goal, and when you will be completing it by…..scared?!!!!

The other task is to draw a line down the middle of this page.

Head one column Obstacles, and the right hand column Resolutions.

Now you need to write down everything in the left hand side that is, has, or may stop you from achieving your goal. Such as;

– I often skip breakfast

– I often go out drinking in the week

– I eat too many takeaways

– I go to bed too late.

In that right hand column put down Resolutions to those Obstacles, such as;

– I will not drink alcohol in the week

– I will have takeaway just once a month

– I will be in bed by 10.30 each night

You now have your goal, your target date, and what is stopping you from achieving these, along with the Resolutions to these.

It’s now time for action!