19 DayBody |


  • 38 home workouts and meal plans
  • Links to all supplements required (Around £90)
  • AMAZING results for pre wedding/holiday etc
  • Won’t be for everyone, but if you want healthy results FAST!



1=Pre 19DayBody  /   2=Post 19DayBody  /  3&4=1 year on! …… Teach, learn, succeed!

“I’ve had a massive change in mindset since doing 19DayBody. I still allow myself treat meals etc, but I’m more in tune with my body and know what does/doesn’t work for it and my energy levels. It’s that good, that I still find time for the gym after a 14hour work day! 19DayBody gave me the self belief that I have the discipline to change for the better!’

—> Wedding, holiday or birthday coming up and need to get in shape fast?!

—> Want to drop fat, get fit and detox in a healthy way, rather than juicing or meal replacement shakes?

—> Struggle with sleep, skin problems, energy and problem “fat areas” ?

—> Don’t have a gym membership or confused with what does and doesn’t work?

You need “19 Day Body” Plan – (Click pictures for full size image – worth it)!







Still not convinced?!!! Read the views of someone who took part by clicking here!!

Well, everyone wants quick results, but if you want quick results you either need to pay for surgery or you have to commit, and work for it……and I mean REALLY commit and work!

So, what do you get, need, and have to do?

Well, I’ll state now, this isn’t for everyone.

Medically if you have any eating issues, are pregnant or suffer from heart conditions, it’s not for you.

If you think you’ll do some of the programme but not all of it, it’s not for you.

If you don’t eat meat, but do eat eggs and fish you should be ok, but it IS designed for meat eaters…..it’s how we’re built 😉

If you’re planning a holiday during the 19days or a “meal out/celebrations” and you’ll have to drink etc….it’s not for you.

Is this a quick fix? Well, you’ll get results quickly, and you’ll certainly learn what does and doesn’t work with your body during this plan – choices you choose after the plan are your own, but with new knowledge!

Vegetarian? This may not be for you, unless you eat fish and eggs. We’re consuming lots of protein – what the body needs!

If you’re coming into the plan with a “Will see what bits I can do” it’s not for you!





This will be a physical and mental challenge, possibly the hardest you have had, but then so will the results!! We’ll be  carb cycling, fasting, planned over training and lots of other tricks, but everything is proven and has a reason. We’ll develop new “healthy” habits and routines, and reset a lot of “old” ways and theories which are making or keeping you fat and sluggish!



However, it is for you if you want the best body you’ve ever had, can commit for just 19 days to follow everything I give you each day, and can take control over your own food choices and preparation, and set aside time for working out. You WILL get out WHAT you put in.


– You’ll need to spend about £90 on natural supplements that I’ll point you to when you join up – yes these are required to support your body during the intense phase, but to help with digestive and liver detox/cleansing. Nothing damaging – all natural.

– You’ll need access to a set of adjustable dumbbells up to about 15-20kg. I will recommend some for £25 if you don’t have any

– You will need to have about 60 mins a day for working out, nearly every day.(you heard right! There will be one 45ish min workout and another of 4-15mins)

– It doesn’t matter WHAT you’re current fitness/strength level, there’s no competing………just with yourself!

– You have a plan each day that tells you exactly how to eat for the day, what workout to do with demo’s, and when/what supplements to take. You’re almost being PT’d by me for 19 days!

– At the end of the 19 days, if you’ve followed it to the letter you WILL have the body you’ve been after, you’ll have about 38 workouts to use however and whenever you like…..you’ll even have the whole programme if you want to do it again in future.

So are you excited?

If not, no problem…..maybe next time, or when you see the results……. ;-))


Price is high, but then so are the results, and at just over the price of 1  PT session with me,  you get 38 workouts, nutrition guide, and great results!

Wasting time is OVER!!



*Please read ALL of the above, as after payment is made there are NO refunds.

**The programme is undertaken at your own risk and Mark Raynsford will no be held responsible for any injuries you could sustain during the plan. He will also not be held responsible for anything health issues that may occur, and you are required to email in advance of payment, any medical conditions you have or medication you may take.

—-“Firstly the results have been amazing! The plan was tough from the start, but the last week has been great, fitness levels through the roof! I am looking forward to the follow on plan! I thinks thats everything, just a big thanks to Mark and all the guys on the forum for making this possible!”   —-“This challenge has been fantastic – not only for the physical results but more importantly for me for the ‘personal journey’. I have learned things about myself that have had such a positive effect on my self esteem. I now know I can cope with/achieve anything if I put my mind to it and it has made me so much braver and more confident in every other area of my life. Nothing phases me now! I’ve learnt so much too – knowledge that I can use to help both me and my clients for years to come A huge thank-you to Mark for the experience, support and inspiration that you always provide. And thanks to everyone in the group for providing the laughs and support when needed most. Good luck to everyone :)!!” “The blog post I wrote yesterday says a lot about how I feel about the last 19 days:http://www.alicroft.co.uk/newsblog/4557978906 After taking medication for three months for a brain tumour I was feeling pretty unhealthy, poisoned almost by what I was putting into my body. Thanks to the 19 day body plan I feel clean and healthy again and I can’t thank Mark enough for that. My body feels rebalanced and having just had my latest blood results back I can say that my hormones are much more under control than they were before I started this. The plan has come during a difficult time for me personally, but it gave the focus I needed to take control back in my life. Also, the fact that I stuck to it 100% despite everything that’s been going on means that my self-esteem is high and I am confident that I have the strength to get through anything else life throws at me. Thank you so much Mark, and I can’t wait to continue on to the next phase. :-)”   —- “Enjoyed this challenge, support, assistance, worth every single pound.  Amazed at how it has helped my positivity and mentality, finally helping me to realise what my body can use and what it needs.  Full of facts and information that actually makes sense to me.  The idea of the daily plans made the information much easier to take in, so it stuck.  I feel like ive changed physically and mentally for the better. I’ve seen results in my body even within the first week which was the biggest boost as this hasnt happened for years for me.  I feel like i really appreciate my body, appreciating being able and want to do the best for it.  Thank you Mark.  Im amazed at how many questions you have answered, being on hand for everyone, its very inspiring and admirable. “   —- “Since i had my baby in July 2010, i have been battling with post natal depression. I was seriously struggling to keep everything together so it was no surprise when my doctor prescribed me anti depressants. That was 3 days before we started this journey and i decided to hold off and see what 19DayBody could do for me. I have been astounded by the results. Mentally, i feel so much more level. I’m happier, more open with people and i’m sleeping better than i have for years. I’m also confronting the issues that i’ve had with food my whole life and finally feel like i’m conquering them. I would be lying if i said i hadn’t wanted to give up at certain points (the fasts made me want to kill people!) but i found strength i didn’t know i had. Physically, i’ve seen differences! My weight has dropped and i do feel smaller. Plus, i feel much stronger and have proven that even when exhausted, exercise does make me feel better 🙂 I always knew that the food would be the hardest part for me and it has- you have to be inventive when what you can eat is so restrictive. But, after the most challenging yet amazing 19 days, all of the effort has been worth it. And to team 19DayBody, thank you for the fantastic support through this incredible journey- couldn’t have done it without you guys! Mark, this has been awesome so a big thanks to you! x Oh, and those pills remain unopened :)” —- “I have struggled with my weight for as long as i can remember, up and down all the time, always worrying about how I look and what I can eat, while other days just eating whatever i can find!! I also used to get Hyperglycaemic on a fairly regular basis, so was forever having to have deal with that. So feeling rather rubbish about myself, I slowly slowly managed to loose some weight, cut out drinking alcohol, eating bread and some other simple changes, like getting back in a gym.  Then late last year I decided, that a new career in fitness may be the way forward, thinking if I can loose weight and get active, then maybe I can help other people with the same battle. Then Mark comes along in my twitter feed and here we are, 19 days later, I have a whole new outlook on food, I’ve always loved food and love to cook, so struggled when cutting things out of my diet, or restricting my food in any way. Now, I don’t bat an eyelid if i don’t eat for 17-18 hours, maybe i feel a bit hungry in the morning, but kept busy, knowing it was for a good reason and that my body didn’t need food, I had plenty of stores.  I have enjoyed the fasting, it was a challenge and made me feel good, in fact it was probably the best part of the plan for me. Reset my need for food. I Always had energy and even on the first 24 hour fast, mentally I was fully alert and managed to take 4 exams without a problem.  So proving that i really didn’t need to eat 3-4 times a day!! Since the plan, my sugar levels have been steady, never dipped even on the fasts. I am very grateful to this plan and all the support from all the guys involved, it has been an amazing experience and am relishing the continuation plan, as I feel so much more confident in myself and know that I can only improve.  The more knowledge about my self I gain, the more I will be able to help other people in the future. Thank you everyone, its been a pleasure (except those horrid cold baths, which I will not miss!!) xxx “   —- “I started a diet after new year and just before I joined the 19 day had hit a bit of a wall and found the gym became ‘boring’ again, Just before I signed up to 19 day I cut out all wheat, dairy and caffeine and started to notice a huge difference, I have found the 19 day plan amazing, I feel so much more healthier,stronger, im sleeping great,and im in a size smaller jeans.  Its been great to be part of this 19day body with people sruggling with the same things I was and getting through it all together through the forum. And also a massive thanks to Mark for all the help and advice, im looking forward to the continuation plan. P.S Never thought id hear my self say this but I will miss the burpees  ;-))”   —- “I’m normally a self starter when it comes to doing fitness plans and have to motivate myself as I have no friends, family or colleagues that are interested. To have a fabulous ready made group of people going through the same journey has been brilliant, i’m sure I could have done it myself, but it’s been made so much more enjoyable by having the rest of the group about and what a great bunch they are. For results, I seemed to respond very quickly and haven’t seen a lot of change in the last week, but am more than happy with what has happened in less than 3 weeks. I had previously lost 3 stone but a bit had gone back on and this has all gone again and hopefully with the follow on I’ll be able to keep it up in the long term. Thanks Mark, money well spent.”   —- “Before starting #19DayBody I was stuck in a complete fitness rut, which meant I had no motivation to eat well either as I knew the two went hand in hand. Last year I was training for a marathon and was super fit so when I went for a health assessment and they said I had no real fitness levels I was impatient to get back to my former glory, quickly!19 days later, I’m well and truely out of that rut with the results and guns to prove it!The nutritional advice, the exercises, the structure, the planning, being ‘PT’d’, and the immense suport group have all been amazing. They pull you through the low points although I’ll admit I only had one on day 13 (a Saturday night!) and even though I was down there was no way I was letting the plan down, Mark, the group and most importantly myself!I’ve done things I never thought I could do and learnt about my body and what it can ‘really’ cope with and it’s definately far from what I’ve thought.It isn’t easy though, and you need to have willpower, determination and stick with it but you have all the tools and the people in place to help you do that.

Would definately sign up again if I needed to get back on track (but there’s no need too for a while as I am completely armed and dangerous!) I would also recommend this to anyone who is serious about their health and fitness.

Thanks all, you’ve been the only people that really understand so it’s been amazing having you all to turn too and keep me upbeat. I can do some work now I won’t be signing into this blog every 30 minutes 🙂 ”

—– “As my 30th birthday approaches I knew it was time for me to do something. I no longer wanted to look in the mirror and not be happy with the way I looked. Signing up for the 19 day body was one of the bravest things for me knowing that I am very much picky and choosy about my food and like to live in my comfort zone. This however was the best experience. As well as loosing a total of 11lbs as well as over 15cms across my body I also learnt something’s about myself that I never knew. Mentally this was a huge challenge and I know that this time last year I would never have been able to do something like this. I was very much a fad dieter and a comfort zone trainer and when I started the free nutrition plan and gave up all the recommended items I haven’t looked back. I have been caffeine and dairy free for over 2 months. I have never felt so well and so good in myself and that is all down to the plan. I Couldn’t recommend highly enough 19days all the people involved were amazing and supportive and I know that even once it’s all over we will have a 19day body experience that we will have shared.

I cannot wait to continue with the continuation and get involved with tribe fit. I haven’t been well lately and am struggling and can see the difference in my body already 🙁 I will be back with a vengeance though and continue my goal to be ‘hotter than Megan fox’”