When you can't be arsed |


You know those days when you ‘plan’ to workout,

but can’t really be arsed?!

Occasionally aint an issue of course,

but if it happens often, it’s the same as food choices not being as ‘favourable’ often ……….

– Soon becomes a habit, mood drops, and slippery slope is slide!

So how can you get round this initial “CBA” syndrome?

1) I’ll just start. I’ll turn up.

I’ve talked before about how motivation rarely slaps us round the face or pushes us to the start line.

Momentum comes from starting, and then repeating often.

2) I’ll tell myself “Right I’ll do 5 mins”, or “I’ll do 1 round of these 4 exercises”, and then just start.

3) By starting small it not only get’s you starting physically, but mentally it’s not hugely challenging, it’s not that 45-60min workout of hideousness, sweat and/or discomfort!

4) At the end of the 5mins or the 1 round of 4 exercises, I’ll tell myself again…. “OK 5 more mins, or 1 more round” and go again.

If that really doesn’t work, and you pack up, no problem, you’ve still done more than you would have by not starting,

but more often than not, as you’re there, as you’ve started, you’re over that initial kick-start, and you WILL do 5 more mins or 1 more round.

5) Repeat again each 5mins or further round until either you’ve had enough, or you’ve done what was needed.

this ‘chunking’ takes something big, something uncomfortable, something challenging and makes it smaller, more achievable and manageable, both physically and mentally.

Just like losing weight – IF you focus on how much you have/want to lose,

you’ll often lose interest as it’s “TOO FAR away”,

but break it down into monthly or weekly targets,

and it’ll be more achievable, and likely challenge ‘motivation’ less.

Give it a try next time you have something that get’s you saying “Can’t be arsed” ……

– There’s ALWAYS Discomfort BEFORE Comfort

– STARTING is always the hardest part

– After is NEVER as bad as Before

– Chunking, and small steps are more achievable than BIG ones.