So you wanna tone up for Summer? |


Those who want to ‘tone up’.

So ‘muscle tone’ actually translates to ‘muscles in a state of readiness’ – but I think most people’s personal definition is having good shape to maybe arms, legs or arse etc?!

Well, it’s possible …… but here’s where we lose a few readers……….. ????

To create ‘definition’ and get that shape you want,

you have GOT to do the work.

Like, challenge those muscles,

and do it again ….. often.

Whilst weightloss is fundamentally sorted by what you eat,

creating or sculpting muscles is mostly in the gym – and with commitment.

? Jogging, spinning or predominantly cardio aint gonna cut it.

? Lifting weights below 5kg ain’t gonna change your structure.

?A couple of sessions, classes, bootcamps a week really isn’t enough to create change.

? Definition only comes from providing an ‘overload stimulus’ to the muscles, that they feel the need to build up again, but stronger, and in effect bigger.

?Lift a challenging weight (safely) that allows 8-10 reps, aiming for 3-5 rounds or sets of. Like anything, the quicker you want results, the more often it needs to be, anything up to 5 times a week ……… I did say the work needs to be done!

?Choose exercises like Deadlifts, Pulldowns, Walking Lunges, Overhead Presses, Weighted squats, weighted Pulls/rows

?Add in 10-15mins of hard intervals 3-4 times a week

? Drink plenty of water, eat carbs just after workouts, plenty of lean protein and good fats

?Get good quality sleep in

I never said it would be easy! But if you want something, you’ll work for it, as the saying goes 🙂

No magic ???? ‘s in life.

Just planning, hard work and repetition.

???? Remember – There’s ALWAYS some level of DISCOMFORT before you experience the COMFORT.