November, 2015 |

November 27, 2015

ShareA great breakfast option (or any meals) that contains all your macronutrients (Fat, Carbs and Protein) A firm favourite in our house for the whole family. Now with extra protein via (HiPro) Peanut butter Share

November 24, 2015

ShareToday is 4 weeks exactly since I decided enough is enough, and I had my little personal rant here Things were a bit unorganised, I was getting lots done as usual, but ?I wasn’t as focussed as I can be, gym sessions were rare, and I was feeling weak and frustrated over it. I’d tried before, but […]

November 20, 2015

ShareHow a Babybel and being able to catch can give you some lessons on overcoming resistance. Share

November 19, 2015

ShareWhy we shouldn’t feel judged, and should focus on our own gameplan Share

November 18, 2015

ShareWhen you tell yourself something, and do it often enough, you’ll believe it right? So …………. Share