March, 2014 |

March 26, 2014

ShareSo this week, I’ve taken the little man (jeez it’s like being a parent again!) Nero the pup to his puppy classes. These classes/lessons and the work we have to do with them has a crossover to making positive daily changes.   Trying to progress from sitting to getting him to lie down! At first […]

March 14, 2014

Share   So Friday I got an email from someone on my email list;   ” Could you unsubscribe me please? I feel I get too many emails from you to act upon the information given”   Hmmmmm, ok. My first response was “No problem the unsubscribe button is at the bottom of the email […]

March 13, 2014

ShareI bloody hate snakes! There’s not many things I dislike, but they instantly make the hairs on my arms stand up. We saw a 2 foot adder on a dog walk at the local common last year, I went ice cold!   Anyhow, what’s that got to do with health and fitness?! Lemme explain………..   […]