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Recently read a good, short interview with European Heptathlon Champion Jessica Ennis.

She talks a lot of sense when it comes to mindset for results and exercise. On the subject of motivation and mindset, get ready for an upcoming interview with the “Bootcamp King” Paul Mort !

– Train your self-control like a muscle.

A good mental state is vital to training or competing. The more you work at your self-control the stronger it’ll get. Imagine an “on-off” switch in your head and start pushing it.   Totally agree, I always tell my clients that the mind will determine if you will or won’t do something, whether it’s mental or physical. If you can push negative thoughts to the back and focus on the positive you will achieve.

– Unpack your brain box.

A person can hold 7 items in their short term memory. Empty these memory boxes of any stress before training to ensure your performance doesn’t suffer. Again, another mind thing, which shows positive mental state gives results.

– Borrow wisdom from the stage.

If you feel like you cant go on, use an acting strategy and think of previous frustrating experiences you overcame. If you can find a “bad place” you’ll find the strength to go on.

– Always have long term targets.

Whether it’s a personal best, a race of weight loss goal, having a mark to aim for is important. Have a plan: once you know where you’re going you’re already on yor way. So true, without a target or a goal, motivation will drop and you have no way of rewarding yourself or feeling good about something as you’re on a winding path to no-where.

– Finish with a prize

It’s good to treat yourself. Specifically, I see cheesecake and chocolate eclairs as excellent motivation!

If you work hard and eat “clean” then a cheat meal once a week WILL NOT put back results, and will ensure you’re not starving yourself or everything “fun”. But make sure these treats dont become a daily item, otherwise you will be on the wrong track!

There you go, training and results isn’t just about the hard work, it’s often about your mental state and thought pattern. Get this right at first, and you’re results will come quicker, and more regularly.


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