Hormones, food produce and toxins |


I’ve just been reading an article which further shows the often “blind damage” that occurs to people via the food we eat, often assuming that food is just food.

This lady had a 7year old daughter (was America in this one) had gotten her period, and was developing breasts and pubic hair. A sure sign her sex hormones were being affected by something.

Via endocrinology tests, there were no tumours, but turned out to be chemicals in her everyday food upsetting her internal balance, and mimicking sex hormones. They moved to certified organic and free range products  and the periods stopped, and the other sex “signs” held off until her teens.

This is often the case with meats that have been fed hormones to enlarge the product – they are stored in the fat of the meat and consumed by humans.


Pesticides sprayed on crops and materials like cotton to kill off pests are again ingested or absorbed by us.

These are things that medication would only contribute further to, but would not solve the root problem.

Know your food, don’t eat processed, eat as natural and “clean” as you can…… you ARE what you eat!


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