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January 28, 2012

ShareThere are lots of pieces of “home” gym kit available, many are crap and many are overpriced. If you want something that will cost about a tenner, here ya go; So, on first look it appears to be a flat gym/fitball – well to a degree yes.   Step 1 – Take agymball, and attach […]

January 13, 2012

ShareMany people often reach for something processed/packages based when it comes to snacks. Often because people have left too long since the last meal, or it didn’t contain enough protein, and the bodies receptors start craving carbs – and many hit the biscuits, crisps or other nutrient devoid snacks! I recently chatted with the guys […]

January 6, 2012

ShareSo the scales debate?!! But this time more of an open question! Seriously – for once I’m not going to give my opinion…..well maybe a small bit!   I REALLY want to hear from you ladies, maybe even guys? If you weigh yourself MORE than once a week……..tell me……. Why? I honestly want to know […]

January 3, 2012

Share I think a lot of people, when the words “Goals” and “targets” come up, switch off, or gloss over! However, they are SO important when it comes to achievement and focus. If you don’t set a specific end target, how do you know if; a)You’re on the right path towards the goal? b) You’ve reached your […]

January 3, 2012

Share More and more people are drinking “energy” drinks for pre-workoutpickups, the morning after a heavy night on the drink, or just as a pickup during the day. But what’s really inside these drinks? CAFFEINE Jump starts the nervous system, helping to kick the body and brain into gear. The energy boost is short-term. Caffeine is […]