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April 27, 2014

ShareLet’s cover a series of Fitness / Health myths, you may have heard via word of mouth or magazines/celeb talk!   First up – Situps and Crunches give you Abs!   Firstly, stop if you’re doing them No, really – Look down, prod them – are they “tight”?! If so, carrying on with what you’re […]

April 22, 2014

ShareAnother common question I get asked is “What’s the best equipment to get for home?“ First thing; – Don’t bother with any cardio equipment unless you’re going for a higher end range of treadmill, cross trainer or rower. I’ve personally had cheaper end one’s and they suck. Like first 2 resistance levels are hard, next […]

April 20, 2014

ShareHad an email from Claire who’s asking about my infamous 21 day weight loss program. (The one that even other Personal Trainers have done ) “Hi Mark, really interested in the 21 Day Plan. I just have a few questions though as I’d like to take advantage of the early bird:   – During the 21 […]

April 20, 2014

ShareSo I got this email the other day from Lorna, which I’ve heard a few times before! ; > “Can I ask your advice?  I have read your tips  and implemented them… didn’t need to lose weight but dropped a couple of pounds anyway (always a bonus where skinny […]

April 18, 2014

ShareFirstly, there are NO magic pills, foods, supplements etc. Success in any format; business, health, fitness etc, is about doing the right things regularly – remember those habits and routines I keep bleating about?! I’ll show you how to DROP FAT, improve ENERGY, and TONE UP (and add some laughs with my Enterain-mails!) Click here […]