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2 of the UK’s Top Personal Trainers will be working their way round the country in 2011, with their 1 day “Gym Free” training workshop.

If you want to rocket your fitness, drop clothes sizes’ and improve your health and energy – this is for you! And YES! It’s for ANYONE! We’ve had new exercisers, Regular and occasional exercisers, and even Personal Trainers attend! You’ll leave the day with a full goal to work towards, knowing when you’ll achieve it by and all the nutrition and training tools to do this with! All without the need for a gym!

These workshops are for ANYONE! You don’t have to be fit or slim, but the info on them will push you in that direction!! This should NOT be missed!

 We’re running here;

London – 12th March 2011 (Islington)

Manchester – 26th March 2011 (Armitage Centre)

Birmingham – 2nd April 2011 (FairFax School)

Nottingham – 9th April 2011  (Djanogly City Academy)

Wirral, Merseyside – 11th June 2011

London – 26th June 2011

Guildford, Surrey – 25th June 2011

Cardiff – 27th August 2011

Wirral – 28th August 2011

Guildford – 17th September 2011

Kent – 18th September 2011

Cambridge – 15th October 2011

Birmingham – 16th October 2011

Cardiff – 2011

What People are saying!

On Sunday I took some time away from training my clients and teaching my classes to train myself!! Through the fabulous world of Twitter I met Mark Raysnford and Stuart Amory. These guys are two of the top Personal Trainers within the profession; they are also two of the nicest funniest guys you’ll meet. After lots of tweeting I discovered they did a Gym Free workshop. It is a one day course designed to give everyone from Personal Trainers to people who have never exercised before the tools and information to become more focused, get fitter & be healthier. This workshop appealed to me for many reasons. Firstly I am always keen to learn from other PTs, I think it is important to “share the knowledge”. Just from twitter I could tell that Mark and Stu really knew their stuff and both of them are successful in their own right. Secondly I wanted new ideas for workouts I could give to my clients to do at home, and thirdly I wanted to up my game in terms of my own training and nutrition.

I was not disappointed!! The whole day was full on, with a great mix of physical activity and learning. The workout sessions where catered for all abilities with lots of variety. They certainly put me through my paces, both with bodyweight circuits and kettle bell drills, and the dirty 30 at the end of the day really pushed me to my limits! Both Stuart and Mark are very motivational and as all good PTs, know how to get that extra bit more out of you. The nutritional information was amazing and made perfect sense. They also give you some fab fat loss tips which we can all follow and will work. One of the things I really loved about the workshop was how inspiring Mark and Stuart are. They genuinely care and want people to meet their goals. They make you sit back and really think about what you want and give you the tools on how you can get it. I left the workshop inspired and ready to go get what I want!! A massive thank you to Stuart and Mark for a brilliant day and I’m looking forward to working more with you guys in the future.

Hannah Davies – Personal Trainer, Cambridge

I am a #gymfree Birmingham attendee. i didnt really have a goal when before i went all i wanted to do was to keep the slim healthy body that i have been able to achieve til now. I have been following Mark & Stu on twitter since December time and their regular tweets have been very inspiring… i started by following Mark’s ‘Nutrition Plan’ followed by Stu’s ‘Monthly Challenges’ both of these combined made me feel healthier than ever so when they announced that they were doing workshops i didnt hesitate my name was straight down!!! as the day was approaching for #gymfree i was getting scared and excited – i couldnt believe what i was doing!! i only know these people through twitter, we are all STRANGERS!!! all i knew was they knew lots, i wanted to know lots and they could give me the answers SO off i went. it was a surreal moment when we all met these 6 people arent just in my phone anymore they are actually real and too be honest not at all scary and we all have something in common WE ALL want to know about fitness and nutrition. im not going to spoil anything for you about #gymfree coz you really do need to find out for yourself but i do need to say that having done the day i now have a goal….. I REALLY WANT TO MAKE THE MOST OUT OF WORKING OUT – QUALITY NOT QUANTITY YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – MAKING THE RIGHT FOOD CHOICES FOR A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM these 2 guys have given me something that will stay with me forever – i know i will have a LONG HEALTHY & HAPPY LIFE

Thanx Mark & Stu xx


“Gym free workshop – what a great day!  Fab hands-on instruction and delivery from Mark and Stuart who are both fantastic – full of knowledge and experience.  As well as learning loads this is a great fun day which gives an opportunity to meet other like minded people and work hard!   The day gives you a chance to push yourself but in a non competitive way – only working against yourself so it’s suitable for everyone whatever your level of fitness.

A great opportunity to re-think and evaluate where you are and where you want to be with the support of two great trainers.  I’d highly recommend it – great value for money.

Book yourself on!”


“What a TOP DAY that was! A chance to train with Mark & Stu, be challenged in thought, body, mind and attitude, grab some hands-on experience of kettle bells and bodyweight training, get tried and tested guidance on all things nutrition AND have a bloody good laugh whilst doing it!

Yes people, #gymfree Manchester pretty much rocked. Talk about value for money! Absolutely first rate info, the benefit of 2 top professional trainers with a wealth of experience and expertise between them, coupled with a group of people from all different backgrounds and levels of fitness with a determination to work their butts off made for a fantastic experience. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

I wasn’t hugely worried about the workout part of the day, as a self confessed gym bunny I was excited to be put through my paces! And I can unequivocally state that this happened! To me it’s a whole new way of training. I don’t want to give anything away but suffice it to say I was tested to the max. And thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Not that this should put you off if you’re just starting out!

The beauty of Mark & Stu’s way of working is that YOU decide your level and work to what you’re capable of. It’s not a contest with anyone other than yourself. The only thing you have to beat is your own mind telling you ‘you can’t’…”


The gym free workshop was exactly what it says on the tin AND then some.  It was fun, interesting and educational.  I feel more equipped and enriched having been able to be a part of such a day.  I loved the exercise routines, the kettle-bell class was everything i imagined – what a wonderful feeling!

The day and content answered allot of questions that i had wondered for years yet never found anyone who could execute the information with such confidence and passion as yourself and Stuart. Thats how i know my life will change positively from here on in.  Thank you.


Wow what a day, cant begin to tell you how totally awesome it was!!!.

I was really scared, was I too old?, too unfit?, not going to be able to keep up? etc. but my want to do the course out weighed my fears tenfold.

Both Mark and Stuart put us all at ease from the start, they really are just regular blokes.

The day was structured so that you alternated between a spurt of exercise followed by a discussion group activity so that you didn’t get too tired too quickly.

Now I don’t do these group luvvie things, but this was somehow different, everyone was there for the same purpose and the guys came across as caring and being genuinely interested in your goals and suggesting ways in which you could achieve them. They really managed to get the whole group involved.

We learnt so much, mainly that we didn’t need to go to a gym to exercise, we could do it at home, and that 30 mins was more than enough…quality over quantity.

The diet and nutrition sessions were a real eye opener, Marks nutritional knowledge is amazing, ask him anything !!

We had some absolutely fantastic bodyweight exercise sessions, two totally incredible Kettlebell sessions and a final workout The Dirty Thirty ( sorry that one is classified info !!!)

The endorphins flowed for days after, yes I hurt in places I didn’t know existed for a couple of days, but somehow it didn’t matter my pride in myself for what I had learnt and achieved that day will stay with me.

The day totally changed my whole outlook on the way in which I look at myself, my diet and the way I exercise. I can honestly say it was the best £99 I have ever or am ever likely to spend.

Thank You Stuart and Mark you both are awesome xx


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