Goal Setting |

So Christmas is on it’s way sooner than everyone expects! I think people get excited over the Christmas festivities, but also know in the back of their minds it can be the time of year when food, drink and waistlines spiral out of control – often with the acceptance of “I’ll start again in the […]

Most people when wanting to lose fat often start by quoting a figure they’d like to lose …… half a stone, 2 stone etc. If they don’t have guidance on their goal the target stays as a number and the person will be on and off the scales like a lucky dip stool, weekly, possibly […]

The old “routines”!! Many have them, many glaze over when talked about, but face it…..we all have them from getting up in the morning, to last thing done before bed. Getting better with certain routines could be the key to better results or productivity. Let’s look at a couple of morning ones. Get up – […]

Do it well? Or actually maybe even leave it?! Plenty of of people go into things half hearted. You may have even done something yourself like that? I’ll admit I have. Managed half a planned workout, and finished early because you were tired, it got tough, or you lacked the motivation Tried a nutrition plan […]

This is a big myth that often does the rounds, and after reading another Personal Trainer using it on Twitter this morning, I thought I’d set things straight!! It’s often touted by women (sorry!) after starting an exercise regime and finding their weight going up or staying the same after a few weeks. WRONG! 1lb […]