February, 2015 |

February 27, 2015

ShareSo luckily I only got a couple of tellings off rather than unsubscribes, on yesterdays email, for putting Formula One on the “nasty list” (Come on, you can see cars driving around everyday, right?!!!) Anyhow, today’s topic;   – Common phrases and their REAL meanings. Controlling or managing your “belief system” is crucial to results […]

February 26, 2015

ShareAre biscuits bad? No.   Is chocolate bad? No.   Is Alcohol bad? No.   Is cake bad? No. The only bad things are snakes, Formula One, deep water and Katie Hopkins! See lots of people, and it’s through mindset, eat something bad and feel they’ve ruined their “plans”. The only time this is the […]

February 25, 2015

ShareCouple of things crack me up, and no doubt you’ve seen before when going on holiday…….     1. You’re waiting at the Gate ready to board the plane, and the call comes out that it’s ready to board. It’s almost like they’re saying first on, gets free champagne! A monster queue forms as people […]

February 10, 2015

ShareMore FREE tips and your 16 Page “HELP BOOK” click here 1) You’re not sleeping enough/well enough Quality and length of sleep IS important. It’s our bodies chance to shutoff from a day of “manic happenings” and restore balance hormonally. (A complicated subject) but your hormones control everything from daily energy, fat loss, stress and […]