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From workouts to recipes, to meal plans (day by day, meal by meal) you have everything you need to get proven results, for the price of main course!! My clients have used these Ebooks for great results!

NOTE: All Books are downloadble ebooks, NOT hardcopy books, therefore NO returns/refunds.

Upon Purchase you will be given a download link – Does NOT download to phone/iPAD !

19 Day Body (Hardcore!)

  • 38 home workouts and meal plans
  • Challenging plan! Recommended for regular exercisers.
  • AMAZING results for pre wedding/holiday etc
  • Won’t be for everyone, but if you want healthy results FAST!



Over 50 BodyWeight Fat Loss & Fitness Circuits!

  • Over 50 workouts, with the majority using just your own bodyweight, suitable for anyone!
  • Workouts taking as little as 4mins for results!
  • Video Links to all exercises!
  • Can be done at home, the gym or outside!



100 Fat Loss and Healthy Recipes

  • 200 pages of  over 100 recipes with Protein, Fat, Carb, Calorie content!
  • Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Entrees, Evening meal, Side dishes, Smoothies, Soups, Salads, Desserts, Vegetarian meals, the works!
  • Simple and effective for the WHOLE family!



  • Over 50 Recipes
  • 4 week “follow me” Meal Plan guide for every meal of the day!




  • 54 Fat Loss Recipes
  • 2 week “follow me” Meal Plan Guide!




Over 40 vegetarian recipes, with NO Wheat or Dairy for maximum health and fat loss!



The Nutrition Plan I give to my PT Clients, 11 Home Workouts (No Equipment), 2 week food plan including Recipes, Information on which supplements work and which don’t!