Fat Loss |

If you’ve been on a fat loss journey in the past – first off give youself a huge pat on the back! You’ve done a lot more than many, you’ve got off your butt, decided it’s time to make a change, and you’ve done it! However with Christmas festivities being on offer most weekends for […]

In fact, nothing is ever one thing…….everything is about a series of actions! Lot’s of people decide they want to lose weight and take up a form of exercise, be it running, bootcamps, PT or fitness classes. Like anything, at first, it hurts! Your body is not used to the workload, muscles ache, your breathings […]

OK, we all talk about being stressed at some point. “Stress” in various forms, releases cortisol, a steroid hormone in the body produced as part of our “Fight or Flight” response. It raises our heart rate, often body temperature and causes us to be alert, on edge and if you like, “a little wired”…….yep exactly […]

So, come January, or even during the year, the gym seems to be THE place to go when you’ve decided to lose a few pounds or get in shape?! That’s fair enough…….most others go there, or talk about it. They have nice shiny equipment, people to take you through an induction, you see others sweating […]

It happens for many around 3pm-4pm – you’ve eaten lunch a few hours earlier, but the office biscuit/cakes are calling….”it’s just a sweetener I need!” – Does this happen often often?   Often it’s down to a diet high in processed/starchy foods (white breads, pasta, sugars and man made packaged food) which spike blood sugar […]