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An old favourite!

Something MANY people just can’t step away from (Pardon the pun)

Something that can make a persons week.

Something that can destroy another’s week.

Now if we studied every view possible on why people use the scales, we could be hear all day! So as usual, My Blog…. my views! You have a point, argument, comment or question post away below!

Scales give an immediate answer – not necessarily the right answer but an immediate one – and that’s where most people go wrong…. wanting and answer or outcome ASAP! Now, this answer, right or wrong can lead to one of the above faces, often not just for the day, but for a whole week maybe, that can then lead to more binge eating or drinking.  I’ve even seen people step onto the scales like something out of “Stars in their eyes” with trepidation, fear and nervousness!!!


Come on! You should ask yourself before getting on there……”Have I really been that good this week, that the reading is going to be on my side?” If you’re truthful, it shouldn’t be a one-eyed look at the reading and then a deep exhalation of relief……that’s luck!

So many factors can affect the “scales reading” – hydration levels, alcohol consumption, wheat products, dairy products, time of the month (female!), medication, cortisol (stress hormones – and getting a bad scales reading will further raise these! Vicious circle….) to name just a few – it’s just not a reliable answer. Sure… use it as part of a “results calendar ;

– Measure around belly button, Around widest part of hips feet together, widest part of upper arm and one thigh, around chest, remeasure each week or 2 weeks.

– Take some pictures – front, side and back, and retake every 4 weeks – looking on screen is better than the mirror!

– Find some shorts, dress, skirt, top etc that is tight, once this fits snug this is THE result

Having just one form of “result” is too limiting. Sure if you have a lot of weight to lose they can be good initially, but, don’t stick with one form, and definitely not when you only have around a stone or less to lose.

Being a Personal Trainer  on twitter I, and other trainers often get questions or tweets about what people should eat the day of their weigh-in at their “diet club” – as if you should change your eating, or by the sounds of things, cut right back on the “weigh in day” to influence the scales. If that doesn’t sound wrong already…….we’ve got problems!

Think about this – when you see someone you haven’t seen for a while, or you’re going on holiday – people aren’t going to look at you and say…. “Well done xxxx you look like you’ve lost 6lbs!” , they look and say, “Wow you look great!!” – they don’t know what you weigh….only you know what the numbers say.

Seriously – if you’re changing your eating habits on one day only, just to influence a scales reading, you seriously have to look at what matters in your life!

Whatever happened to eating sensibly most of the week round?!

I truly believe that if you eat natural foods 85% of the time (meats, vegetables, salads, fruits, some dairy, nuts) minimise sugar, wheat products, alcohol and moderate your daily stress levels you don’t need to worry about scales readings, your body will change for the better. Hell it has here….. !!

If you still want to use the scales, then please use the other forms above, otherwise, the only way you’re going to be continusouly happy when using the scales, is if you use them like this;


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