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** Confused with what works, and what doesn’t with food / workouts?

** Fed up of drifting from one diet to the next, getting some results, but gaining it back, and more, once you stop?

** Lack motivation to stick with something?

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Join the Tribe!

TribeFit is more than online training – it’s an online group/resource aimed at improving both your body and your lifestyle, not just short term, but longterm.

With a whole host of other “Tribe members” working towards similar goals, in a closed group/forum, you’ll never be alone or lacking the information to direct your forwards!

A common phrase “You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” – stop for a second and think of those people around you – are they helping you get nearer your goals? Often not!

You’ll have;

– Multiple nutrition plans (Everybody has different goals and lifestyles. A 1 stop plan does not work!)

– Recipe Books

– Workout Books

– Access to me and my 12+ years of knowledge 7 days a week!

– Interviews with other PT’s and TribeFit members on their success

– Articles on everything fat loss, training and lifestyle to reduce stress and make life better!

– TribeFit Tshirts

– Various “Specific” groups; Running, Du/Triathlon, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Events

– Record your food diary and I’ll advise!

This group is for YOU if you’re seriously interested in living a healthier, fitter and more enjoyable life!

This is YOUR online resource! All the above is included in your monthly subscription of just £9.99. So cut back on one bottle of wine each month, and make the decision to commit to a better, fitter, healthier life and join the Tribe!

Testimonial – I joined the Tribe Fit group at its inception and was sceptical of my own will to stay committed to something that was essentially on line and I could “dodge” if I chose to. The contrary has actually happened. Tribe Fit has genuinely changed the way in which I view food and by default, the way I eat, and actually and rather surprisingly made it more enjoyable! You can’t doubt Mark’s enthusiasm and his knowledge seems to be endless! Couple that with your own motivation to keep up with his pace leads to one motivated Tribe Fitter! Naturally we all have our off days or sometimes weeks but again simply turning to Mark for some motivational words snaps you right out of it. In short, it’s great! Try it! –  Amanda

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