Total Mens Fitness |


– Struggling to keep the stomach from falling South?! 

– Want to turn those muscles from loose to firm?

– Sleep levels poor, and morning energy levels worse?

Workouts you can do at the gym, hotel, home or garden requiring none/minimal equipment,

no matter what your fitness level?

– Wish that the weekly football match or run was easier?

– Need help keeping up with the kids?!

– Ideas for better, but easy snacks, breakfast and other meals?

– Tips, Advice, “man-talk”! and results in a closed/Online group with other guys working, sharing and looking for the same?!

– ANY fitness/health level can join, as long as you’re 35-55!


We’ll take away the advice you hear from mates, magazines and forums that often complicate matters more, and just give you answers, plans and routines to make exercise, fitness and results enjoyable!

** This is about investing in YOUR short and long term health!  **