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Scanning through a “fitness” magazine last week and there was a small article, with facts produced by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on the “perfect” days drinking to optimise your nutrients and reduce disease risks!

Before we hit the “facts” I think what you eat would be a more important starting point, but whoever wrote, or spent time and money on this “report” needs shooting!

Here we go, and this is what you should drink in a day “for optimal health”

1) 8 cups of tea – to stock up on antioxidants …… Well, if it’s antioxidants you’re after stick to berries, tropical fruit and raw veg. * cups of tea? I shouldnt think there’s enough time in a day to drink 8 cups, and how about those people who add sugar to their tea? That’s a shed-load!

2) 2 glass of milk – for a calcium boost! …. This one makes me laugh as I’ve read recently that there’s hardly any calcium in milk due to the heavy pasturisation process. Stick to green veg for a decent burst of calcium.

3) 13 glasses of water – for perfect hydration ….. Any particular size of glass or water type? Tap water sucks. Studies have shown there to be hundreds of chemicals in tap water. If you don’t want to believe it, just consider how many miles of pipework your water travels down to get to your house. Aim for 2 litres of fresh water and there’s a starting point.

4) 1 can of coke – for energy, but no more because of cola’s sugar ….. Holy crap! If you need a can of coke for energy, there’s something seriously wrong with your daily lifestyle and diet. Coke it one of the worst things you can put in your body. With over 7 teaspsoons of sugar in a can, your blood sugar levels will take a hammering, as will yuor energy levels when that wears off.

Ever put a coin in a cup of coke and seen the results are a while? Supposedly you can put a piece of meat in a bowl of coke, and it will dissapear after a good few hours.

My wife did an open-water swim as part of a triathlon, and the triathlon coach told them to drink 1/2 a can of cola after the event to kill the bacteria they would have drunk in the water!

Still want a coke?!

5) 2 glasses of orange juice – for vitamins …..again another fallacy. Nothing but liquid sugar here – no pulp or fibre to slow the absorption. Eat brocolli if you want vitamin C, it has more than orange juice per weight comparison.

So there you have it, a load of sugar, probably less energy than what you started with, and some pretty crap facts on how to live your life!

Personally I’ll drink;

– Filtered Water

– Green Tea

– Teapigs Liquorice and Mint tea

– Matcha Green Tea

– Water

– Some wine and beer at weekends (I’m not gonna lie!)

– Alkalising Salts

– Greens drink

– Pea and Brown Rice Protein drink

– Water

Don’t believe everything you read in magazines – listen to those “in the trenches” working with everyday people, and giving out the information that works for free!!


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