Stupid Injury! |


Ahhh injuries suck!

Last Tuesday night at Bootcamp I decided to “overarm bowl” a medicine ball the length of a 5-a-side football pitch, at bootcamp, instead of rolling it – result – a tear/rip in the elbow area or my right arm that bloody hurt!

Had 2 physio sessions, and tho they think there is a tear there, nothing certain can be pinpointed.

Weird part is this – functional left arm;

NOTE – the raised “normal” bicep near the elbow crease.

Then on the damaged arm;

On this one you may notice a slight dent/divot where it should be, and the bicep has dropped medially!

So, my physio pulls some strings and gets me a slot at the local hospital for possible scan and consult.

Sweet so far! I arrive at 2pm, kindle in hand.

3:30pm – someone tells me a bed will be ready soon (already I’m perplexed) and they will be ready to take some blood?! I have to enquire why blood is needed for an arm injury – supposedly that’s how the roll!!

4:00 Seen by 2 x student consultants, they run some tests, agree it’s weird and say someone else will be along soon.

5:00 – another consultant comes, assesses, equally perplexed and says I will probably need to stay in over night, ready for a scan in the morning.

Annoying as A) I only live 3 miles away B) If I leave I’m classed as an out-patient and back onto a long NHS waiting list. He says he’ll have a word and see if I can go home!

6:20 – Seen by another consultant, more tests, prods and he agrees it looks like a partial tear of the bicep tendon, but kindly says I can go home, but come back first thing in the morning for a scan, and result examination…… leading to either surgery (hopefully not as not fully ruptured) or long rehab session.

I’m glad to be home!!! Back for more tomorrow! What an exciting Wednesday eh?!!