Scales – What’s YOUR reasoning? |


So the scales debate?!! But this time more of an open question!


Seriously – for once I’m not going to give my opinion…..well maybe a small bit!

I REALLY want to hear from you ladies, maybe even guys?

If you weigh yourself MORE than once a week……..tell me……. Why?

I honestly want to know your mindset, your thoughts, concerns, reasons.

I think everyone cares about how they LOOK, but nobody apart from yourself knows the actual “scales figure” so why does that “reading” matter so much to you, when it’s visual appearance that most are deep down interested in? So many people can get on the scales and ruin their day or week with a 1lb increase, whereas in reality this could be undigested food or water retention.

Is it a security blanket?

Is it because your really “hoping your food and exercise plan” will work, but have no real faith in it?

Is it a habit?

Please, I’m honestly interested in the above for something I’m working on, so let out any fears, thoughts, desires, reasons…. I’m all ears, and you could be part of my next project!

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