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Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates – I’ve been chilling in Antigua on a much deserved holiday break – I’ll maybe setup a slide show of pics for those that are interested……. icon_wink-3734394

OK, so post holiday I’m back on the health drive – holidays are the only time of year, apart from Xmas, when I relax things off, and let my body consume what I want!

So I started today off with some Protein pancakes. EVERYBODY should be getting some form of protein into their breakfast – eggs, meat, protein powder etc. If not, your body will undergo a rollercoaster of blood sugar spikes over the morning, and energy levels will be as low as a ratings for the next edition of “Big Brother”!

So, todays high protein, high (good) fats and low carb breakfast was the below;

Anyone who says they don’t have the time to make these, needs to seriously look at their lifestyle and morning routine – took all of about 4 mins.


2 Eggs

2 mashed banana

1 heaped tablespoon Almond Butter or peanut butter (almond is better)

1 Full Scoop of Pea, Brown Rice , unflavoured or chocolate protein powder – I use SunWarrior protein

Add everything together in a bowl and mix to a thickish consitency.

Add some butter/coconut oil (best option) to a frying pan on low/medium heat and pour out some pankacke mix. You want small pancakes the size of your hand and only about 1-2cm high.

Only takes about 30secs each side, before flipping over.

Sprinkle with cinammon and add some extra nut butter on the side if you wish, and some berries, and possibly a bit of greek yoghurt?

Job done!

Enjoy and let me know if you make any adjustments or have your own version?!

** Addition ** As people are still cooking these wrong here’s a vid!


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