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OK, so following on from my post about Wheatabix bringing out and ultra healthy chocolate version, Katherine, a PT who reads my blog emailed them with the following;

“Hi, I saw your advert for Chocolate Weetabix recently and could not believe my eyes. Since when was any cereal containing sugar, chocolate and cocoa powder (with a sugar content of almost 16%), suitable or ‘wholesome’ for children to eat for breakfast?! I am a personal trainer and I have eaten Weetabix for years. I never write letters of complaint but I feel very betrayed by the brand. I know everyone else is doing ridiculous chocolate cereals but that doesn’t excuse you adding to the rubbish that is already out there! Your TV advert instantly made me feel depressed. Yours very sadly, Katherine”

Fair enough they at least take the time to send a reply;

Dear Miss B,

Thank you for contacting us, though I was sorry to learn of your disappointment with Chocolate Weetabix.

Weetabix is an extremely popular cereal with the whole family. The new product provides choice for consumers. Some may prefer a chocolate cereal and Chocolate Weetabix gives them a choice of a wholegrain cereal that is high in fibre, low in salt, has half the sugar of the average chocolate flavoured cereal, is fortified with vitamins and iron and is portion controlled. Original Weetabix is still available to choose.

A major part of our pre-launch market research involved extensive tests amongst members of the public who were asked to try the product and give us their honest opinion as to how they rated its taste, texture, appearance and overall appeal. The reactions we received were logged very carefully; we recorded and considered all comments and observations made. In the end, the overwhelming positive feedback received gave us every reason to believe we had a winning formulation.

That confidence certainly seems to have been well-founded as sales have been very good indeed.

We appreciate, however, not everyone will agree and do view any criticism seriously. We take careful note of the broad spectrum of consumer reaction to everything we do and your comments will be recorded and passed on.

Thank you once again for getting in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Herrin

Consumer Services Manager

The Weetabix Food Company

Station Road

Burton Latimer

Kettering      NN15 5JR

tel. 01536 721566″

Do feel free to send Dan-boy any further comments or suggestions – to me it’s all about the $$$ and jumping on the “sugar” bandwagon – fortified with vitamins and iron……..yeah whatever!!